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Eliana Lopez Speaks Out

The Fight Between My Husband And I Was Not Domestic Violence



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    Eliana Lopez says she will do every think she can to keep her family together and help her husband get his job as San Francisco sheriff back.

    She spoke one on one with reporter Cheryl Hurd on Friday at her attorney's office in Burlingame.

    She says giving up is not an option.

    "The true is this is not domestic violence, the true is I want to be with Ross, the true is we are a family," Lopez says.

    The family is being torn apart by a New Year's Eve fight between an elected sheriff and his wife.

    That fight lead to a guilty plea by Mirkarimi to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge and a suspension by Mayor Ed Lee.

    There is a video recorded by her neighbor Ivory Madison and it was given to authorities.  A neighbor she says she should have never trusted.

    "The video took my son's father away from him.  The video made my son sick. Which act was worse the bruise or the video," Lopez says.

    Lopez was tired but seemed relieved the two days of testimony at the ethics commission was over.

    The board of supervisors will eventually have to take a vote on whether to reinstate the suspended sheriff.

    "I want to make our marriage work.  Yes we made mistakes but we want to make it work.  I love my husband," Lopez says.