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Emergency Evacuation Phone Call a Mistake



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    An emergency call was made by accident to residents on the peninsula.

    Peninsula emergency officials are apologizing for a scary phone call they accidentally made to 1,700 people in East Palo Alto Tuesday afternoon.

    The automated message told residents to evacuated immediately and it mentioned San Bruno.

    County emergency services coordinator Bill O'Callahan told the Palo Alto Daily News the automated message about the San Bruno explosion was the last one distributed so it was still in the queue. 

    The message was supposed to inform residents about a water district hearing on Oct. 19.


    The agency has already issued an apology. An new message, which included the apology was sent out, along with the meeting notification, after the employee who delivered the message noticed the error.

    Because of errors in transmission prevented some residents from hearing the whole recording and left listeners confused, even prompting them to call 911.