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Emergency Room Reservations Available Online

Reserve a spot in the ER online.



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    Do you have a medical emergency and require emergency room attention, stat? In San Ramon at least, there's an app for that.

    Patients at San Ramon Medical Center can pay $9.99 to reserve a spot in line at the emergency room, according to the Contra Costa Times. If they're not seen within 15 minutes, their fee is returned, the newspaper reported.

    The online component is part of the emergency room's $10.7 million expansion, the newspaper reported. Not only is the ER here slicker, it's also quicker: the average wait is 45 minutes, as opposed to upwards of four hours at other Bay Area hospitals.

    Because how many times can you read the same issue of "People" -- really?

    The service is available to those with bad illnesses and non-life threatening injuries like a bad -- but not too bad -- cut. Anyone with symptoms for a stroke, heart attack or something urgent must still call 911.