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Event Guide: Fleet Week

Celebration of Naval services runs through October 8



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    Catch the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in flight this weekend.

    San Francisco Fleet Week, the city's annual tribute to the U.S. Navy, packs about seven days' worth of activities into just five days. This year's celebration runs through October 8.

    Highlights include the Blue Angels air shows and the Parade of Ships, which take place all weekend. There's even a Fleet Week Band Challenge on October 8. Consult the full schedule of events for more than 30 viewing and activity options in all. Premium box seats start at $15 per day (more purchase info here).

    Forget about driving to Fleet Week events if at all possible. This is most important from October 5-7, as traffic will be unbearable due to the many large events happening in San Francisco this weekend, including America's Cup, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the Italian Heritage Parade, Castro Fair, and up to two baseball playoffs. Take public transit (download a PDF of the official transit guide), bike, or walk.

    Weather may delay the main event, the Blue Angels air show, but NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren does not expect it to be enough to cancel it (see full report).