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Evidence Mishap Revealed in Chandra Levy Case

FBI Forensic Analyst Mistakenly Contaminates Evidence



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    An arrest warrant was issued Tuesday in the Chandra Levy murder case for Ingmar Guandique, who investigators say has been a person of interest in the case since 2002 and will be charged with first-degree murder upon his transfer from a California federal prison to the District.

    Attorneys handling the Chandra Levy murder case say an FBI forensic analyst mistakenly contaminated evidence from the site where the federal intern's body was found.

    Attorneys revealed at a hearing Friday that the analyst contaminated the evidence with her own DNA. She has since been fired.

    It was the latest mishap in a case riddled with mistakes since Levy disappeared in May 2001. A federal inmate, Ingmar Guandique was charged with Levy's murder.

    Public defender Maria Hawilo asked Judge Geoffrey Alprin to postpone the Jan. 27 trial to allow additional evidence testing. The judge declined but ordered that the evidence be made available for additional testing by the defense.