"Evil Spirits" Lead Hayward Man to Deface 150 Headstones - NBC Bay Area

"Evil Spirits" Lead Hayward Man to Deface 150 Headstones

Man pours oil over graves to purify.



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    Talk about bad vibes.

    A Hayward man vandalized 150 cemetery headstones because he wanted to ward off evil spirits, according to the Union City Patch.

    Cops arrested Deepak Sandhar Singh, 26, after he told police he poured soybean oil on 150 headstones at Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park, the news site reported.

    Singh believed that the metal plates attached to the headstones were somehow tainted with evil, and used a two-gallon jug of soybean oil purchased for the occasion to rid them of evil, authorities said.

    He also left tokens like "ribbons" and bits of string at some of the offending grave sites, the news site reported.

    The cleaning fees are pegged at $5,000, the news site reported.