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Former Cop Helps Catch Bank Robbers

Bank Robbers Nabbed By A Former San Jose Cop



    Former Cop Helps Catch Bank Robbers

    Just because you leave the force, doesn't necessarily mean your job is ever done. A former San Jose Police officer was instrumental in the arrests of three bank robbers.

    Michael Nasser was heading to a gym this past Tuesday, when he saw three hooded men rush into a Wells Fargo bank. He instinctively followed the suspects after they exited the bank with $7,000 in cash. Nasser gave descriptions of the robbers and a license plate number of their getaway car to police, who eventually arrested them about an hour later in the Central Coast city of Salinas. Police say the gang was also involved in another bank robbery the day before.

    Nasser won't have to hear the word "former cop" anytime soon, as the San Jose Police Department is reinstating him to the force. He left last year because of the possibility of being laid off due to budget cuts.