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Bay Bridge Construction Could Distract Drivers



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    Caltrans says when driving over the Bay Bridge, don't be distracted by the construction.

    Crews are lifting a fourth segment of the bridge up today. That's going to bring the tower's height to 480 feet. That's taller than Coit Tower in San Francisco and the Tribune Tower in Oakland. There will be 45 feet to go to the top.

    This is just one step in the Bay Bridge reconstruction project. Crews still have to add that fifth segment of the tower, the cables still need to be attached and the lanes need to be reconfigured. The tower is designed to make the bridge sturdier in the event of an earthquake.

    Crews will work around the clock to get this part of the reconstruction done. They are expected to finish sometime Tuesday afternoon. The full bridge project is not supposed to be complete until 2013.

    Interest in the Bay Bridge project is so large, Caltrans has even set up an official Facebook page.