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First Look at New, SF-Based 'Alcatraz' TV Show



    First Look at New, SF-Based 'Alcatraz' TV Show
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    'Lost' creator J.J. Abrams and his San Francisco-based 'Alcatraz' has been picked up by FOX.

    J.J. Abrams' new San Francisco-based 'Alcatraz' show has been picked up FOX.

    Abrams and company were in the City, back in February, shooting some footage for the show, reports the SFist, and it seems it was good enough for FOX to order up some episodes.

    The website, says it could be even more bizarre than 'Lost,' involving time-traveling inmates.

    Like most things Abrams, the details are being kept under lock and key, we do know that Jorge (Hurley) Garcia, Sam Neill, and Sarah Jones will be involved.

    J.J. Abrams seems to have a fondness for time-jumping islands.

    Here's a first look at the trailer for the show: