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The Silicon Valley giant launchces one of the biggest tech IPOs ever.

Facebook IPO Inspires a Musical

Group puts out a four-minute spoof of Facebook's big day.



    Facebook IPO Inspires a Musical
    Facebook's IPO has inspired a short musical parody.

    CNBC has its guess the closing bell game and now those who want to enjoy Friday's Facebook IPO can sing-a-long with a catchy tune.

    The public sell off of the Menlo Park-based social network has inspired a musical.

    CDZA, a collective that creates "musical video experiments," put together a three-minute spoof on the history of Facebook ending with its much-anticipated IPO Friday.

    While celebrating the storied history of the world's most popular social network, the singers also pay homage to several Broadway classics, such as "Cats," "Les Misreables," "Hair," "Rent," and more.

    "Zuckerberg: the Musical" is available on a YouTube channel near you. There are no reports of turning it into a full blown play just yet.