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Twitter, Apps, Supe Up Super Bowl



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    Everyone loves the Super Bowl, but not everyone gets to watch it. Some people might be stuck at work, or pinned under a rock after an unfortunate hiking fall. If you're one of these people, and you have access to the web, fear not. Websites like Twitter and Facebook can help you stay in touch with the big event.

    TechCrunch has a list of websites and apps that can help you out.

    • Super Bowl XLV: This is the official iPhone app of the Super Bowl. With it, you can get a full 3D map of Cowboys Stadium on either the iPhone or iPad with tidbits of information. NYC startup UpNext powers the app and will aggregate some social media streams in it during the game.
    • Super Bowl XLV Program: If you have an iPad, you can also get the official NFL Super Bowl XLV game program to read for free.
    • Fanvibe: It’s an iPhone app and website that allows you to follow a game live by checking-in and talking about it with other users. There are also questions about the game generated in real time for you and your friends to answer. Find the iPhone app here.
    • Foursquare: The location startup is testing out a new promoted venue across their apps to allow everyone to “check-in” to the Super Bowl. And if you shout out who you’re rooting for, you’ll get a badge for that team.
    • Hitpost: They’re still in beta testing (and sadly, the app isn’t quite ready yet), but if you are a part of the test, it’s a great way to visually follow the action and news of the game from the web.
    • BetNext: This service launching today allows you to bet on your favorite teams over Twitter. It’s all virtual money, but it can still be fun for bragging rights and playing a game.
    • Flipboard: The social magazine iPad app has made a special event package of content for the Super Bowl. This includes content from Fox Sports, CBS Sports, SB Nation, and even MC Hammer.
    • IntoNow: Something tells me this new media engagement and discovery service will be able to hear that you’re watching the Super Bowl in realtime.
    • Hulu: The online video hub has a special area to vote on your favorite ads that will play this year.
    • YouTube: Likewise, that other online video hub has a place that you’ll be able to watch all the commercials right after they air.
    • Facebook: The social network has also gotten into the act this year and will allow people to watch and vote on the Super Bowl ads here.
    • Twitter: They’ve teamed up with the NFL for a new site that will offer up cool ways to visualize the tweets about the game.