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Facebook Users Sue Social Network Over "Message Scanning"

Lawsuit alleging privacy violations filed against Facebook.



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    The social network is accused of intercepting messages to pass on the data to advertisers.

    Facebook users have sued the social network, claiming that private messages are read and mined for data to share with advertisers and marketers, according to reports.

    Two Facebook users filed suit in U.S. District Court in San Jose, according to Bloomberg, saying that scanning messages violates the Electronic Communications Privacy Act as well as other privacy and commerce laws.

    If the allegations are true, they're also in violation of Facebook's promise to keep the messaging function safe and private, the news source reported.

    Attorney Michael Sobol called the scanning "invasive" -- but it's just one of a series of lawsuits filed against Silicon Valley companies for using user data to make money: Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn "also are facing accusations," according to Bloomberg.