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Fake Cop Pulls Over Off-Duty Deputy



    Fake Cop Pulls Over Off-Duty Deputy
    A gunman opened fire striking and killing a sophomore at Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

    Authorities along the Monterey coast are on the lookout for a man posing as a law enforcement officer who pulled over an off-duty sheriff's deputy, the Monterey County Sheriff's Office said.

    Monterey County sheriff's Cmdr. Joe Pedroza said Monday that the deputy pulled over when the man flashed lights on top of his car like the kind used by undercover officers.

    The man approached the deputy's car wearing a white polo shirt and jeans and asked the deputy if he had been drinking. Pedroza said the way the man approached raised the deputy's suspicion.

    The deputy identified himself and showed that he was armed. The man turned and fled in his vehicle, a white Mercedes.

    Pedroza said the stop occurred on a dark rural road outside Salinas just before midnight Friday, and the deputy was not able to get the Mercedes' license plate number.