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Fake FBI Agent Fools Robbery Victim in SF

It was no federal investigator, nor was it a man in black. A mere petty criminal fooled a robbery victim into thinking he was an FBI agent in San Francisco on Monday.



    Fake FBI Agent Fools Robbery Victim in SF
    FBI agents and Connecticut State Police have surrounded a semitrailer that may be carrying explosives in Branford, CT.

    Chances are the man you meet on the street is not an FBI agent. Doubly sure if he stops you out of the blue and asks you for ID -- before running away with your wallet.

    A 43-year old man fell victim to a fake FBI agent's ploy, losing his wallet and cash in the process, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The man was walking at Third and Newcomb streets in the Bayview District on Monday afternoon when a man in his 50s identified himself as an FBI agent and demanded ID, according to the newspaper. When the victim complied, the faux fed struck him in the chest and departed with cash.

    The victim was not seriously injured physically, though wounded pride may be an issue. The phony FBI agent fled with two other suspects, both men in their 20s, according to the newspaper. No arrests have been made.

    The case has not been referred to the FBI.