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Falcon Fan Page Soars as HatchWatch 2010 Begins

San Jose City Hall famed falcon pair incubating new clutch



    Falcon Fan Page Soars as HatchWatch 2010 Begins
    SJ City Hall Falcon Cam
    Clara Esteban with her first egg of the 2010 season.

    Clara and Esteban Colbert are a voyeur's dream. They live their lives in full view of a newly upgraded Web cam and are now awaiting the birth of their four new babies. They even have a Facebook fan page with nearly 500 fans and anxious onlookers who are helping to lay out details of their soap opera lives.

    The two are San Jose's famous peregrine falcon couple who live atop City Hall and are now incubating four eggs.

    When Clara laid the first egg on March 2, there was some question as to who the daddy was but video evidence turned up a few days later showing Esteban on incubation duty after Clara squeezed out the third egg. Sorry, Esteban, you're not getting away with denying you're the daddy. Now it's all documented on Flickr.

    This is the fourth year mama Clara has laid eggs in birds' home overlooking San Jose. Glenn Stewart, biologist with the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group, predicts the chicks will hatch at about the end of Easter Week.

    "The eggs are being incubated," Stewart said, "and for now, it's going to be a little boring until they hatch."

    A week after she delivered the first egg, Clara laid the fourth egg -- and it's all documented on Flickr. Stewart says four eggs are a typical clutch for falcons.  The three young falcons born last spring have all migrated to find territories of their own. A fourth egg from that clutch never hatched.

    Once they have all hatched, the city will open up the naming rights to all in the form of a contest. And in the true spirit of the "everything online" era -- Clara will tweet the chirping new arrivals.