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Family Doesn't Want Third House Fire

The Los Gatos family believes their daughter is the target of an arsonist.



    Family Doesn't Want Third House Fire
    George Kiriyama
    The Britt family's house in Los Gatos, Calif., has been set on fire twice. They believe an arsonist is targeting their daughter Jordan.

    One family in Los Gatos is afraid their home might get set on fire -- for a third time.

    After two house fires, the Britts don't want it to happen again.

    The first fire back in October started in the Britt's daughter's bedroom. Santa Clara County arson investigators said someone deliberately set the home on fire.

    The family believes their daughter Jordan was the target because the arsonist broke in through the doggie window, went to her room and set it on fire.

    All the family's possessions that survived the first fire were put into the garage.

    Then in January, the Britt's home was set on fire again. The second fire destroyed everything in the garage. A lot of memories from Jordan's childhood were destroyed.

    "All my pictures were gone," Jordan said. "My whole wall in my room was full of pictures and they were all gone."

    The family installed a security camera because they fear a fire might happen for a third time.

    Still, Jill Britt said she loves the neighborhood and they have no plans on moving.

    "Who would buy my house?" Jill said. "If you think about it, who's going to buy a house that someone keeps burning down?"

    There is a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. The Britt's matched an original $10,000 reward offered by the Santa Clara County Fire Department.

    Anyone with information is encouraged to call Santa Clara County's anonymous tip hotline at 888-341-4401.