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Ciao, Obama, See You Real Soon Now



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    US President Barack Obama comes back to the press cabin to show off his new coat shortly after boarding Air Force One for his first flight on the presidential aircraft.

    President Barack Obama  was met with plenty of supporters but also some who booed his visit as he breezed through the San Francisco Thursday for a quick fundraising trip.

    By the time his motorcade reached Union Square Thursday evening, hundreds of protesters who were ready to share their feelings, mainly about health care an U.S. troops in Afghganistan and Iraq, had thinned. Members of the anti-war activist group Code Pink had a sack full of petitions they collected, asking the government to adopt an exit strategy from Afghanistan.

    Obama spoke for 20 minutes at the event at the Westin San Francisco Hotel, urging his audiences to appreciate the complexity of the problems he said he inherited. He said he hoped the enthusiasm his candidacy engendered "was not just a fad" and that his former campaign volunteers would keep working.

    The president also reminded liberal Democrats who may be disenchanted with aspects of the health care legislation in Congress that any bill that gets through will help millions of uninsured Americans. The pair of fundraisers for the Democratic Party and Organizing for America on Thursday were expected to raise $2 million for the party.

    The president's ride was stuck on the tarmac at SFO Friday morning because something was wrong with Air Force One. The plane was supposed to leave at 9:30 a.m. but there was a plane problem that delayed takeoff.

    Mechanics worked on the engine and it took off only a few minutes past schedule.