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Fat Tuesday Skinny on Trouble



    Fat Tuesday Skinny on Trouble
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    NEW ORLEANS - FEBRUARY 24: Mardi Gras reveler, Joe Perez, makes his way down St. Charles Avenue February 24, 2004 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Small organizations, such as the Mondo Kayo Social and Marching Club, participate in the Fat Tuesday celebration to the area. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

    When 26 people get arrested at a party and the police say it was a good night, you know it must mean its Mardi Gras time.

    Officials from the San Jose Police Department said this year's Fat Tuesday celebration was "very uneventful" and calmer than year's past.

    Of the 26 arrests, half were felonies and half were misdemeanors,  Sgt. Ronnie Lopez said. Eighteen people were arrested last year, but Lopez  said despite the increase in arrests, there was less activity this year.

    "It went fairly well," Lopez remarked. "Very uneventful. It was  like a calm weekend night at best."

    He said there were no road or garage closures, or pedestrian  diversions. Forty police officers patrolled the downtown area, some on  horseback.

    Most of the arrests were for public intoxication, outstanding  warrants, probation or parole violations, or drug-related. Two were curfew  arrests.

    The unofficial Mardi Gras celebration is not an organized event,  but is known to draw rowdy crowds.

    During Tuesday night's celebration, one officer was struck in the  back of the head and was taken to a hospital. He was treated for minor  injuries and released. The suspect in the case was arrested for assaulting an  officer.

    In another violent incident, a man was stabbed south of downtown  and was taken to a hospital to receive treatment. His injuries were not  considered life threatening and the suspect was arrested.

    Bay City News contributed to this story.


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