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FedEx Drivers in the News

One driver is the victim of a crime, the other victimizes a computer.



    FedEx Drivers in the News
    Like postal carriers, couriers have to work in rain, sleet and snow.

    The job of courier is a tough one during the holidays. The loads are heavier, the number of deliveries is greater and the hours are longer because it takes more time to deliver all those presents.

    This week FedEx drivers are being both pitied and ridiculed.

    Pitied, because in San Francisco someone stole what is being described as "a large quantity of Apple electronics" from a FedEx truck that was parked at the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco.

    The driver left the vehicle unattended in the loading dock around 11:30 a.m. and when he came back he found the goods gone.

    San Francisco police are hoping witnesses will come forward.

    And while that FedEx driver clearly had a bad day Tuesday, there is another driver who deserved a bad day after video of him throwing a computer monitor over a fence was posted on line.

    The homeowner caught the act on video and posted it on YouTube.  By Tuesday evening it had over a million views.