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Federal Grand Jury Probing San Francisco Cops

To probe and protect (your union members).



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    The FBI is investigating the San Francisco Police Department.

    The feds are after San Francisco cops.

    That's San Francisco Police Officers' Association union honcho Gary Delagnes's theory, after several of his members were called to the federal courthouse on Golden Gate Avenue to testify in front of investigators and a panel, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The feds are investigating members of the SFPD named in by Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who released videotape and other evidence that seemingly shows the officers stealing valuables, filing false reports, using excessive force, and other crimes. Adachi began releasing damning videotape in March, but has since provided witness statements and other evidence to the federal government.

    The FBI is also investigating the crimes.

    Eight officers have been named as offenders, but to date, nobody has been charged with a crime, according to the newspaper.