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Feeling Insecure? Technology Can Help

Silicon Valley security on display



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    Computer security is big business.

    Technology trends will come and go. But cybersecurity has, and will, stick with us. From massive terrorist threats, to just making sure your 'tween isn't meeting the wrong people on Facebook, if you have a computer, you're in the security game.

    Which explains why, no matter what's going on with the overall market, your Symantec (SYMC) and McAfee (MFE) shares have done pretty well through the years. These companies consistently grow, hire and acquire other smaller security firms. It's an industry of intense competition and with so many hackers, bots and viruses cruising through the virtual world, they're always busy. 

    To get a close-up look at what's coming to your office or living room when it comes to security, we hit the annual RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.  Companies large and small from all over the world are on the show floor, demonstrating their latest software and hardware aimed at stopping cybercriminals in their tracks.

    The White House is outlining its cybersecurity plan here, Microsoft (MSFT) is trying to convince developers that its newest Windows is safe and Intel (INTC) and VMWare (VMW) -- a pair of Silicon Valley neighbors, are showing off their security collaboration.

    It's big business and more necessary every year.  Now, with our phones doubling as our computers, mobile security is hot.  If you've ever been hit with a Web virus, a Trojan Horse, or just had your Twitter account hacked into, you've felt the pain. Companies like Trend Micro and Cisco Systems (CSCO) are touting mobile security, selling software to keep your phone as safe as possible. 

    One of the coolest things here? The startup competition, where new security companies showed off for the judges. It's called "Most Innovative Company at RSA 2010."  Yes, their ideas were more creative. Among the companies, names like Hacktics, and Catbird.  Among the prizes? Millions of dollars in funding from VCs, looking for the next cybersecurity hit.

    Further proof that tech security has a future, which is good news, because we're all still buying gadgets.

    Scott's on the RSA floor. Got something to show off?  Hit him on Twitter:  @scottbudman