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Fire at Novato Chevrolet Dealership "Intentionally Set:" Police



    Fire at Novato Chevrolet Dealership "Intentionally Set"

    Investigators think several cars at a Bay Area dealership were torched on purpose. Stephanie Chuang reports. (Published Tuesday, June 9, 2015)

    Arson investigators in Novato were on scene Tuesday morning at a car dealership where at least two new Chevy Volts in the lot were torched, following dozens of arsons last year and the year before.

    Police said officers and firefighters were called out to Novato Chevrolet on Redwood Boulevard at 11:36 p.m. on a report of a vegetation fire. A police officer, however, found “several vehicles” in flames in the parking lot nearby on Redwood Drive, Sgt. Sasha D’Amico said.

    "I was shocked because nothing usually happens around here, not that kind of damage, not that kind of crime," parts manager Peter Chin said.

    An NBC Bay Area reporter spotted two cars that appeared to have been set on fire, and two adjacent cars that were damaged by the flames in a lot situation in back of the main part of the dealership. All the cars were 2015 Chevy Volts. The dealership has video surveillance and office manager Victoria Broderick said she hopes there will be evidence on there. She said an unidentified man was spotted on some of the producer.

    Investigators say they believe the fire was intentionally said, police said, and the investigation is ongoing. Police Capt. Jamie Knox said the circumstances are "very unusual" and that police don't believe there is a serial arsonist running around. At this stage, he said, it doesn't look like the handiwork of a disgrunted employee.

    As far as Chin sees it, it's a pointless crime. "What a waste," he said. "If you're going to take a car, take it. But don't burn it. It doesn't make sense, unless you're mad at something, then come in and let's fix it."