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Leg-Removing Carnival Ride Operators Fined $500

The operators of the Wacky Worm ride that took off a carnival worker's leg have been fined $500 for "inadequate training."



    Leg-Removing Carnival Ride Operators Fined $500
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    The world may never know what led a carnival worker to wander in the way of the Wacky Worm ride at the Somona-Marin Fair last summer, but after he lost a leg as a result, the ride's operators have been fined $500 for the incident.

    The carnival worker, a 23-year old East Bay man, crossed a three-foot tall fence in order to wander onto the tracks of the Wacky Worm kids' roller coaster on June 23 for reasons still unknown, according to a California OSHA investigation.

    The man, whose name has never been released, was struck by the front car of the Wacky Worm, which was filled with children and parents. He was thrown a short distance and his leg was severed below the knee, according to to the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

    In surgery later, doctors attempted to reattach the leg but could not.

    The OSHA investigation revealed that the ride operator, Midway of Fun, hadn't provided the workers running the Wacky Worm with adequate training for scenarios in which a person walks in Worm's way, the newspaper reported. Other than that, all rules were being followed and the ride was in proper operating condition, hence the $500 fine.

    The man was not found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Midway of Fun will be the ride provider for this year's fair, which runs from June 22 to June 26. No word on whether the Wacky Worm will also return.