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Little Girl Records Rap Tribute to Kaepernick

Five-year-old girl loves to Kaepernick. The verb, that is



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    The inspiration for rap.

    A five-year old girl in Ohio is an Internet star thanks to her two-minute rap tribute to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

    Sarah Redden, of Dayton, Ohio, appears in a quick video with tattoos on her arms and a jersey on her back, according to the Huffington Post. Just like her idol, the 25-year old second-year QB who led the 49ers to yet another win on Sunday.

    The video includes also a reference to "Kaepernicking," the practice of flexing one's inked-up bicep to celebrate a touchdown. And yes, Sarah does that, too.

    "Wearing No. 7 like Colin Kaep, talking Super Bowl wins, he's bringing them back," a "tatted-up Sarah declares in 2 minutes 4 seconds of cuteness," the Huffington Post reported.