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Flatscreens Could Make Waiting for BART Easier



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    Would televisions filled with ads and weather updates, make waiting for a train easier?

    Waiting 15 minutes for the Pittsburgh/Bay Point line might get a little easier.

    BART is considering a proposal to install 75 televisions at stations across the Bay Area.

    But before getting too excited about the possibility of watching "Seinfeld" re-runs while waiting for your train, the televisions will instead display ads, weather forecasts and train schedules.

    The displays would not have any audio to limit the annoyance to passengers and they would be installed on the wall opposite the tracks that passengers face.

    The screens could be a bit of financial boon to the transit agency. BART could stand to make about $3.6 million annually from advertising firm Titan.

    The proposal will go before BART's Board of Directors Thursday.