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Former Cal Coach Kapp Throws Hands at Rival

Cal football legend scuffles at a luncheon.



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    A Cal football legend’s fists and cane were flying at a luncheon on Friday.

    The former Cal quarterback and coach, and his former CFL rival, Angelo Mosca, were being honored at an event in Vancouver when the punches were thrown.

    Both of them are 73 years old.

    It appears the fight started when Mosca offered Kapp a flower on stage.

    You’ll have to watch the video to see how Kapp responded to that offer.

    It all starts at around the 28 second mark.

    Drew Edwards, of the Scratching Post blog says the animosity between the two dates back to the 1963 Grey Cup game.

    The blog says, during that game, “Mosca hit running back Willie Fleming with a shot that many – including Kapp – felt was dirty … Kapp refused to shake Mosca’s hand

    Kapp is the only person to play quarterback in the Super Bowl, the Rose Bowl, and the Grey Cup.

    He was the coach of the Cal football team during the memorable "Big Game" that included, arguably, the most memorable 4 seconds in college football, later known as “The Play.”