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Food Truck Foe Blocks Street



    Food Truck Foe Blocks Street
    Leah Mennies
    FOOD TRUCKS: Sure, we're a couple of years behind on the trend, but Boston finally has a food truck scene all its own. The SoWa food truck fest (above) was a smash success, while new trucks shilling fried chicken and waffles (Fillbelly's) grilled cheese (Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Grilled Cheese Nation) and cupcakes (The Cupcakory) have joined favorite son Clover Food Lab this year. City initiatives to ease permitting should ensure that this trend won't be slowing down anytime soon. Related:Candied Bacon Grilled Cheese on Wheels

    A local merchant appears to have found a novel way to stymie competition: block their parking space.

    Alison Rowe denies the allegation, but it sure looks incriminating. She owns a restaurant called Harvest and Roe, and she's been an outspoken critic of a new food truck in the neighborhood called JapaCurry.

    Earlier, she threatened to physically block the food truck from entering the neighborhood, according to SF Weekly. And now she's made good on the threat, sticking her car in the very spot that JapaCurry is permitted to occupy.

    Bizarrely, Rowe says that she didn't mean to block the truck. It's just an unbelievable coincidence that her vehicle is in the way.

    And the coincidences don't end there: Rowe's truck also blocked JapaCurry's space near Mission and New Montgomery. "I always park in those places," she told SF Weekly.

    Rowe believes that food trucks don't belong in her neighborhood, since there are already plenty of places to eat. She wants JapaCurry to head over to the Marina or Mission Bay.

    Rowe claims to have received a threatening phone call over her choice of parking spaces, but it's unclear whether she's reported the alleged call to the police.