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Former Omniture Exec Joins Karmasphere



    Former Omniture Exec Joins Karmasphere

    Cupertino-based company Karmasphere, has named former Omniture executive Gail Ennis, as CEO, according to Biz Journals.

    Karmasphere focuses on "big data intelligence" software.

    From the Karmasphere website:

    Karmasphere enables companies to unlock the competitive advantages within their large datasets by providing an easy-to-use class of client-side software. Karmasphere's products, built around the Karmasphere Application Framework, feature independence across any Hadoop environment, easy one-click deployment across any cloud/cluster, and a rich and friendly user-interface to maximize productivity, discovery and insight.

    Omniture is a web analytics company, which was acquired by Adobe Systems for $1.8 billion.