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Independence Day Fireworks "All But" Banned in Pacifica

Legal fireworks limited to small stretch of Linda Mar.



    Independence Day Fireworks "All But" Banned in Pacifica
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    People watch fireworks light up the sky along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on January 1, 2013, during celebrations by over three million people attending New Year's Eve festivities. World cities from Sydney and Hong Kong to Dubai and London rang in the New Year with spectacular fireworks, as revelers at Times Square in New York sought to top off the global extravaganza. AFP PHOTO / ARI VERSIANI (Photo credit should read ARI VERSIANI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Tight restrictions limiting celebratory explosives to "safe and sane" fireworks on a very limited stretch of Pacifica's beaches during the Fourth of July were approved Tuesday, according to reports.

    The result is that fireworks as we know them are "all but banned" from the beach town's sandy shores on Independence Day, according to the Bay Area News Group.

    "We're really, really thrilled," said Pacifica Beach Coalition president Lynn Adams in comments to the newspaper, adding that the rules are all about keeping the ocean healthy and animals safe.

    Fireworks of any and all kinds are banned from all Pacifica beaches except for a "several hundred foot" long stretch of Linda Mar.

    That firework-friendly area will likely be marked off with yellow caution tape, and only "safe and sane" fireworks -- which are sold from legal stands and are marked with an official seal from the state fire marshal -- will be allowed to be set off.

    Anyone setting off legal fireworks in the parking lot area or anywhere else is subject to a misdemeanor, according to the report.