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Free Meals at Food Waste Party Tonight

Too much food is wasted -- so Food Shift is giving it away.



    Free Meals at Food Waste Party Tonight
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    Half of all food produced in the United States goes to waste -- so let's party!

    To highlight the vast amounts of food wasted in the United States despite continuing hunger for poor people, Food Shift, a nonprofit, is hosting a Silent Disco Dance Party at 7 p.m. tonight, according to SF Weekly.

    The reason to celebrate is Food Shift's theorem for "connecting the dots between food waste and hunger." Consider: 49 million Americans "struggle to put food on the table," as the newspaper reported. Food Shift believes half of those hungry mouths could be fed if only 20 percent of the wasted food was recovered.

    So for $3, you can help fund a nonprofit that is working to "close the gaps in food delivery and consumption," and solve "the paradox of food waste and hunger." There will be food served -- but clean your plate, please.

    The shindig is at Rallypad, 144 2nd Street in San Francisco.