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No Free Muni Passes for SF Kids

The plan to provide free youth Muni passes may get derailed.



    San Francisco parents who had crossed the price of Muni passes for their kids off their budget - may have to add it back on.

    The agency that was supposed to fund the plan for free Muni passes may actually end up derailing it, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    That's because directors for Muni say they will approve the free passes for at least low-income children only if the Metropolitan Transportation Commission provides $5 million in funding.

    And to add to that, several members of the MTC now say they are not on board with using regional money for a 22-month pilot project that would only benefit San Francisco.

    San Francisco Supervisor David Campos is spearheading efforts to provide the free Muni passes.

    He said the free Muni youth program would improve access to transit for thousands of riders, and that is in line with the MTC's principles.