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Fremont Girl Phones Police From Closet During Burglary

A 12-year-old hid in a closet and phoned police during a burgarly attempt.



    A 12-year-old Fremont girl phones the police for help, from her bedroom closet, while burglars ransacked her home. (Published Tuesday, July 10, 2012)

    When your 12-year-old daughter begs for a cell phone, you might just want to get her one.

    The phone came in quite handy for one Fremont 12-year-old girl, who asked to remain anonymous, whose home was robbed about 3 p.m. on Monday.

    After she heard her window sensor alarm go off - and she realized her mom wasn't the one who tripped it - the girl said she hopped into her closet and called police from her cell.

    Fremont police, though they didn't catch the robbers, are crediting the girl for her quick-thinking and bravery.

    The robbers did make off with the father's computer and cell phone. The girl had been alone for just about 15 minutes as her dad was dropping off her sister at swim practice. That's when she heard the window sensor go off. She told NBC Bay Area on Tuesday that she called her mom to see if she was home, and her mother said, "No, call police."

    She did, and officers were there in about two minutes.

    The suspects are still at large. Police say one suspect is an African-American man about 20- to 25-years old, who was wearing a white T-shirt and baggy jeans. He is almost 6 feet tall. The second suspect is an African-American woman, about 18- to 20-years old, who stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has shoulder-length gold hair with black streaks.

    If anyone has information about the suspects, they can call Fremont police at 510-790-6800.

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