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Fremont Women Spit, Hit Police

Spitting and hitting were the watchwords for Fremont women.



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    Spit on the cops, hit them all you want. You'll go to jail, with extra charges, according to the experiences of a pair of Fremont women.

     Marla Want, 35, and Katherine Harvey, 34, are in jail after spitting on and punching police officers in Fremont on Wednesday, according to The Argus.
    The pair were at Mojo Lounge at 3714 Peralta when cops arrived due to complaints that they were being loud and refused to leave, according to the newspaper.
    They were deemed drunk and put under arrest, according to the newspaper. Want was put into a patrol car, where she spat into an officer's face. Then Harvey kicked out a cruiser's windows, the newspaper reported.
    Harvey then faked a breathing episode while at the jail, causing her to be brought to a hospital, where she punched a male officer in the face following an escape from restraints, the newspaper reported.