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Body Discovered at Fremont Hazmat Cleanup

Crews discovered a woman's body inside a car labeled with "poison gas" in Fremont.



    Fremont crews clean up hazmat chemicals after suicide

    Hazmat crews respond to a Fremont parking garage Wednesday after a woman was found dead in her car. On her windshield, was a sign that said "poison gas." Police believe the death was a suicide. (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    There was an unusual discovery Wednesday morning in Fremont where crews responded to a toxic situation.

    According to the Fremont Police Department, the body of a woman was found inside a car parked at a condominium and business complex near Civic Center Drive and Walnut Avenue.

    Police and fire fighters originally responded to a hazardous material, or hazmat, call inside one of the garages.

    Instead they discovered the body of a woman in the back seat of her car with a note saying "poison gas."

    Firefighters entered inside the garage and blew away the gas with the help of powerful fans.    Investigators say the hydrogen-sulfide found is lethal in a confined space, but it becomes harmless once it is released in the open air.

    It says the gas can be made through common household chemicals.  There were no calls for any evacuations during the cleanup. And the situation was cleared by 6:30 a.m.

    Investigators also believe early indications suggests the woman may have committed suicide.  Media organizations don't usually report on suicides, but this one caused a potential public health concern.

    Her husband told police they've had recent marital problems and he did not see her again until he discovered her body inside of the car. 

    An autopsy will soon take place to determine if she died by the gas itself or by a combination of other factors.