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From Missing Person to Easy Rider

Friends and family appear to have worried for nothing.



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    This young man will have a lot of explaining to do when he does return home to Salinas.

    Friends and family of a Salinas college basketball player have been worried sick about him for weeks.

    Preston Anderson, a 6'9" player for Hartnell College was last seen by his college roommate on July 23 as he drove off on his 2009 Yamaha 1100 motorcycle.

    Everyone described Anderson as a responsible young man who would never leave without telling someone. 

    Now, according to police, Anderson has surfaced in the Central American country of Belize having a summer to remember.

    Anderson's mother told KSBW in Salinas that Salinas police tracked her son through his debit card and found it was used a hotel in Belize on August 3 and 4.

    When police called the hotel, the staff said that a 6'9" man has indeed spent two nights there last week.

    On Wednesday, police told KSBW they now think Anderson is simply on a road trip through California, Mexico and Central America on his motorcycle and because he's an adult they no longer consider him a missing person.