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From Mount Diablo to Mount Reagan?



    From Mount Diablo to Mount Reagan?
    John Krzesinski, Flickr
    Visible from just about anywhere in the Bay Area, Mount Diablo stands 3,864 feet high. Photo from John K's Flickr photostream

    We've all heard the phrase "the devil is in the details." That idiom has a specific meaning for an Oakley man who takes issue with one detail that play a prominent part in Bay Area geography.

    Arthur Mijares wants to change the name of Mount Diabo because he believes the word "Diablo," Spanish for "devil," is "derogatory and profane." Instead, the devout Christian says, the 3,864-foot high landmark should be called "Mount Reagan" in honor of the late president, the Contra Costa Times reports.

    The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors first denied Mijares' petition in 2005 because they said the former California governor needed to be dead for at least five years before recieving the honor. Now that it's been five years, Mijares figures it's time to dig up the renaming argument again.

    The devil, on the other hand, is a "living person," Mijares argues. So, that name should also be out tossed, he says.

    Several agencies named after Mount Diablo are against the name change proposal.

    he idea of living in the shadow of "Mount Reagan" would likely not sit too well with many residents in the Deomcratic stronghold of Contra Costa County.

    Commenters have been weighing in on the idea on the blog Claycord. Everything from a simple "no" to more creative ideas like, "The lowest spot in the state needs to be named for Ronald Reagan."

    The board of supes will take up the issue Monday.

    Photo from John K, via Flickr.