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Froot Loops Not Fruity About Local Toucan



    Froot Loops Not Fruity About Local Toucan
    Froot Loops maker is not happy about a non-profit organization using a Toucan in its logo. Photo: KTPupp on Flickr

    Kellogg is all for preserving Mayan culture as long as you don't use a Toucan to do it.

    The Froot Loops maker is asking a San Ramon, Calif.-based organization to change or limit the use of its logo because it says it looks too similar to its cereal icon, Toucan Sam.

    The Maya Archaeology Initiative, a non-profit organization that aims "to protect and improve northern Guatemala," including the preservation of rain forests and the wild life that live there, through educational programs.

    Its logo feature a Toucan bird in front of Mayan ruins.

    But an attorney for Kellogg, the world's largest cereal maker, sent a letter to the organization opposing its attempt to trademark the logo.

    Decide for yourself. Check out the two logos side-by-side for yourself.

    The lawyer has proposed a solution that would limit the organization's use of the image. But officials at the Maya Archaeology Initiative tell the Associated Press they don't believe its logo resembles the cartoon character.

    It says the Toucan bird on its logo resembles a real life Toucan, while Toucan Sam is just a cartoon character with colors to match the cereal. Both are artist renderings of the bird.