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Brothers: Nancy Garrido an "All-American Girl"

Pair says marriage to Phillip transformed their sister



    Brothers: Nancy Garrido an "All-American Girl"
    Inside Edition
    The brothers of Nancy Garrido talk to the tabloid TV show Inside Edition

    The Jaycee Dugard case is back in the national spotlight with a new twist that shines the light on Nancy Garrido. 

    "Inside Edition" on Monday aired an interview with two brothers of the woman accused of taking part in the kidnapping.

    Nancy Garrido and her husband Phillip, who lived just outside Antioch, are charged with kidnapping and imprisoning Dugard for 18 years in a shabby backyard compound.

    David and Rey Bocanegra say Nancy was an all-American girl, one of six children raised in a loving home. But that all changed when she met Phillip Garrido in Leavenworth Prison, where he served just 10 years of a 50-year sentence for rape and kidnapping.

    During the interview, David Bocanegra told Inside Edition that Nancy was being controlled by her husband. He said it's hard hearing people call his sister a monster, adding that she is a "really good person."

    Nancy was transformed after she married Phillip in a prison ceremony, her brothers say, and was under Phillip's control.

    "When I was talking to her and she was answering back to me," David said, "it was Phillip telling her what to say."

    The thought that Nancy might have been the one who snatched Jaycee off the sidewalk in her South Lake Tahoe neighborhood and into a car 18 years ago and that she had the chance to free Jaycee while Phillip was locked up on a parole violation makes her brothers sad.

    They said they think their sister belongs in jail.

    "She knew right from wrong and she needs to pay for what she did," Rey Bocanegra said. "She needs to get help."

    David and his brother Rey said they lost touch with their sister several years ago and they haven't spoken to her for at least three years.

    Her attorney says Nancy is cooperating with authorities.

    Nancy Garrido is the person the mother of a missing child from Hayward says she wants to talk to.  Sharon Murch's daughter Michaela Garecht was kidnapped in 1988 and investigators in the case recently listed Phillip Garrido as a suspect.  

    Even before Nancy's brother made the claim, Murch also said she believed the woman was under the control of her husband.  She said she thinks Nancy may be able to tell her what happened to Michaela after she realizes she is now safe. 

    Hayward investigators spent a week searching the Garrido's backyard hoping to find clues that link them to Michaela's disappearance.  They are still going through a mountain of evidence they retrieved from the property, but said they did not find anything that officially links the couple to Michaela.

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