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Gavin Newsom Opens Bathroom for Occupiers

Former San Francisco mayor plays nice for protesters.



    Gavin Newsom Opens Bathroom for Occupiers
    Jeff Minton for The New York Times - Used With Permission
    Looking good, and opening up bathrooms for California's student protesters.

    In a high-pressure situation at the state Capitol on Monday, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom was called in to negotiate.

    The issue: bathroom access.

    Sacramento was a scene on Monday, with thousands of students, activists and Occupiers protesting cuts to higher education budgets, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

    A pack of occupiers had taken over the Capitol Rotunda building, and the California Highway Patrol, providing security, called in Newsom to negotiate.

    The lieutenant governor position is often one of inactivity, so Newsom was happy to oblige, the newspaper reported. He tried, and received a chorus of boos and a "get lost, you 1-percenter," from the occupiers, the newspaper reported.

    But soon, Newsom realized what was afoot: the bathrooms had been closed and locked by the CHP, and the occupiers needed to pee.

    So the bathrooms were opened. Further negotiations were "fruitless," the newspaper reported, so Newsom exited the scene as the protesters relieved themselves. Everyone won -- for now.