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Gavin Newsom's TV Show is on the Air

Watch Gavin Newsom hobnob with other celebrities in the lieutenant governor's new television show.



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    Move over, Keith Olbermann (well, he already did some time ago). It's Gavin's turn.

    Those of us who are missing the hard-haired former San Francisco mayor in the local media can find California's lieutenant governor on Current TV, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

    "The Gavin Newsom Show" premiered Friday, and for his first trick, Newsom interviewed cycling legend Lance Armstrong. The duo took time to discuss the former Tour De France champion's allegations of performance-enhancing drug use -- and to bash the media, always a favorite of the attenton-hating Gavin.

    "Do we have sort of a culture of cynicism -- when we witness greatness, immediately we question it, because sometimes it’s too good to be true?" Newsom asked, according to the newspaper.

    "You know better than anybody," Armstrong replied. "The current state of the media, the way that the news turns so quickly … it leads to a frenzy, a feeding frenzy, and if they smell blood -- which plenty of times in my life they’ve smelled blood in the water -- they go nuts."

    Then Armstrong said certain stories should have resulted in reporters losing their jobs, the newspaper reported.

    "Never happens," Newsom replied. "Rarely."

    Well, not unless you count layoffs.

    All this, and a three-minute segment in which Newsom speaks his mind called "Just Gavin," is in store for lucky viewers. Run, don't walk, to your nearest set or cable provider carrying Current TV.