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Gavin Uses Schmooze Offense on Niners



    Gavin Uses Schmooze Offense on Niners
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    Gavin Newsom is back at trying to keep the 49ers in San Francisco.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom won't quit on the fight to keep the 49ers like it was some campaign to run for Governor. The day the Lennar Corporation released an artist's rendering of a proposed new 49ers stadium located in San Francisco, Newsom hit the airwaves to talk up the 49ers' prospects of continuing to play in San Francisco.

    "We're not going to lose those 49ers," Newsom vowed in a segment available online on KNBR's Murph & Mac Show, "We're not over yet."

    Does Newsom realize that picking this fight could seriously cut into his Hawaii vacation time?

    "We have the developer," Newsom said. "We have the partnership that includes over $100 million. But it doesn't come from the taxpayers."

    Newsom was taking a little jab at some of the remaining ambiguities in the Santa Clara project. Then he started with a real punch.

    "With respect," Newsom said, "You could put a stadium right next to a big freeway and an amusement park. Or you could put a stadium, just like the Giants put a stadium, on the waterfront, with ferry service in a world-class setting."

    With respect, Mr. Mayor, I have never in my life heard Hunter's Point referred to as a "world-class setting."

    Given Newsom's world-class philandering, the topic of Tiger Woods inevitably came up. "Obviously, this is the most difficult thing," Newsom said of Woods' current situation. "I think he'll come back from this and surprise folks."

    Newsom knows a few things about coming back and surprising folks. When he actually came back to work after his last vacation, you could have knocked me over with a spritz of hairspray.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is probably going to catch hell from the Hunter's Point Tourism Bureau.