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Once Gay-Friendly Radio Station Drops "Butt Sniffer" Slur

New morning show at 92.7 hurls "homophobic" slur



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    Energy 92.7
    Fans still yearn for the old 92.7 to come back.

    Accusations of homophobia were hurled shortly after San Francisco-based radio station Energy 92.7 went off the air last month.

    The new owners of the station upset fans by re-branding the station 92.7 the Revolution, firing the old employees and turning the dance music off in favor of hip hop. Monday critics of the new owners were given new fuel to add to their fires.

    New morning show host "Elvis" ripped into a man with a "homophobic" slur, according to a tuned in SFist reader.

    The trouble started when Elvis prank called a man on air and went after him for not watching football.

    During the broadcast, Elvis yelled at the person who answered his call accusing him of stealing an NFL team flag from his car. The startled man he called said he didn't steal the flag and added that doesn't even watch football. Elvis replied "What kind of man doesn't watch football. What are you a (bleeped out by station)?" The man hangs up at this point. Elvis calls him back and a woman answers the phone. Elvis says "Where is that butt sniffer I was just talking to?"

    The Las Vegas-based host's "butt sniffer" comment was not censored from the air. The radio station was sold this past summer for $6.5 million after being bought for $33.7 million five years earlier.