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Gay Pride Languishes Without Leadership

Turmoil at Pride Committee may force this year's party to scale back.



    Gay Pride Languishes Without Leadership
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    The LGBT Pride Celebration Committee is still looking for a new leader.

    It's a little bit harder than usual to have gay pride, with the official organization behind the June festivities still unable to find an executive director.

    Originally, the LGBT Pride Celebration Committee set a goal of finding a new leader by April First -- but here we are, and no one has been hired yet, according to the Bay Area Reporter.

    This comes after a rocky few months. In November, pride boss Amy Andre left, and although it's never been exactly clear why, her departure followed some rancor over unpaid invoices. Several of the companies and organizations that were promised proceeds from last year's even still haven't been paid.

    Andre's departure came amidst several other resignations at the organization. Since then, the committee has struggled to reconcile a debt of over $200,000.

    Because of the financial and personnel issues, the possibility has been raised of holding a smaller, scaled-back Pride this year. The yearly event is logistically very challenging, and gets more difficult every year. In 2010, it was marred by several scuffles and some gunplay that killed one attendee.

    The clock is ticking for them to get their act together: Pride is scheduled for June 25 and 26. What exactly that will look like is anyone's guess.