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Geena Davis Gets a Job in Sacramento



    Geena Davis Gets a Job in Sacramento
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    Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Geena Davis share a light moment at Sundance.

    California loves its celebrity politicians.

    From Ronald Reagan to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Golden State has a history of pulling pols off of the big screen and putting them into politics.

    The latest edition may not have as a big of a role off screen but Geena Davis is officially working for the government.

    The star of "Thelma and Lous" and "A League of Their Own" has been confirmed to the state Commission on the Status of Women.

    Davis was appointed when former governor Schwarzenegger was still in office. She was confirmed by a near unanimous vote except for State Sen. Joel Anderson (R-San Diego), who said he had no opposition to Davis' appointment but believed the commission should be privately funded instead of publicly.