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George Lucas to Take Stand in Court Case

Woman says Lucasfilm didn't hire her because she was pregnant



    George Lucas to Take Stand in Court Case
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    Filmmaker George Lucas and his company Lucasfilm are in a spat with the Alioto-Veronese clan.

    Julie Gilman Veronese has alleged employment discrimination after a job offer to work as an "assistant to the estate manager" at the home of filmmaker George Lucas was rescinded.

    Veronese says that she was denied the job after the company found out she was pregnant.

    And, luckily for her, she just happens to come from a family of lawyers -- she's being represented by cousins mother Angela Alioto and husband Joseph Alioto Veronese.

    The family legal team has called Lucas himself to testify as a witness, which Lucasfilm's stable of lawyers protested. But a judge has ruled that the director of Star Wars will have to take the stand.

    All of which means that this is shaping up to be a classic Bay Area society pages battle in the courtroom.

    Jackson West wonders if the judge will also force Lucas to apologize for Jar-Jar Binks.

    Note, this post was updated to correct the relationships for the plaintiff and her counsel.

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