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Gerard Butler Discusses Mavericks Accident

Actor says he was trapped underwater for nearly a minute.



    Gerard Butler Discusses Mavericks Accident
    Gerard Butler appeared on "The Graham Norton" show and talked about his near death accident while filming at Mavericks.

    Actor Gerard Butler appeared on a British talk show over the  weekend and described being trapped underwater while filming a movie at  Mavericks in December.

    The 42-year-old Scottish-born actor said on "The Graham Norton  Show" that he was held underwater for nearly a minute while a set of up to  30-foot waves crashed down above him at the famed surf spot, located about  half a mile off the coast near Half Moon Bay.

    "This is one of the few times that reports maybe were not  exaggerated," Butler said. "It was a pretty close call."

    He said that just before he went under, "This wave spread across  the sky ... I just dived in and it took me."

    Butler said the wave ripped the leash that connected him to his  board and he knew there was nothing to pull him back up to the surface. 

    "I'm thinking, 'I need to get up, I need to get up,' and then I  felt the next wave go and the whole thing started over again," he said.

    Butler was on location filming a scene for "Of Men and  Mavericks" about renowned big-wave surfer Jay Moriarty, in which he plays  Moriarty's mentor Rick "Frosty" Hesson, when the incident occurred on Dec.  18.

    He was pulled from the surf, and emergency responders from the  Coastside Fire Protection District were called to the scene. Butler was then  transported Stanford Hospital for observation.

    The actor was not seriously injured.

    Crews have been shooting scenes for "Of Men and Mavericks"  throughout San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties since October.

    The movie is scheduled to be released in the fall.