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Get Ready for "Craigslist TV"

On-line reality show follows stories of Craigslist encounters



    Get Ready for "Craigslist TV"
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    Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster has an executive producer credit for the new Craigslist TV online reality show.

    It seems almost anyone these days has a wild and wacky Craigslist story or three to share.

    So, naturally, why not put those people -- and their stories -- in front of a camera?

    Craigslist CEO and PR head Susan MacTavish Best have teamed up with directors Drew Brown and John Chester to produce Craigslist TV, a YouTube channel devoted to stories about the site's users.

    New episodes will be posted every Tuesday, and follow everything from attempts to reach Sandra Bullock to missed connections made real.

    The production and reality show format are actually pretty slick, and located in Los Angeles -- where there are no shortage of people looking to be in front of a camera. 24 Hours on Craigslist, a documentary produced in 2005, was set in Craigslist's hometown of San Francisco.

    It's an engaging show, and great advertising. Interested users apparently click a button to submit their advertisement for consideration.

    And don't worry, all the episodes so far are rated PG-13 -- as much as you might prefer to watch some casual encounters or adult services exchanges.