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Giant Box Dangles From Downtown SF Skyscraper

A box filled with six tons of steel dangled from a San Francisco skyscraper on Sunday.



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    A giant steel box terrorized, and mildly interested, denizens of downtown San Francisco on Sunday.

    Look, up in the sky! It's six tons of steel, dangling from one of the city's tallest buildings.

    San Franciscans in the Financial District on Sunday afternoon were treated to this spectacle, as a huge storage box containing six tons of steel dangled precariously from the Bank of America building at 555 California Street for "five to six hours," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Crews were bringing the box to the roof of the B of A building on Sunday when the crank in the crane failed at the 50th floor, according to the newspaper. That meant that crews had to hand-crank it the rest of the way, a quarter inch at a time, over a period of hours, the newspaper reported.

    Police closed off streets below to protect pedestrians from box from above. Tourists gawked.

    "Holy moly!" said Susan Adams, interviewed by the newspaper during a trip for the weekend from her home in Orange County. "We were wondering why the street was closed. Then we looked up. Pretty exciting."