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Giants Fans Flood Streets of San Francisco

Torture turns to triumph for the Giant faithful



    Raw Video: The Moment the Giants Won

    Civic Center erupted in cheers as the San Francisco Giants become World Series champions. (Published Monday, Nov. 1, 2010)

    As soon as the last out was called, Giants fans across the city of San Francisco no longer even tried to contain themselves.  The torture was over.Their team had won the World Series.

    Game 5 between the Giants and the Texas Rangers ended with the W of all Ws: the Giants were World Champions.

    Horns honked, people yelled, and cable car bells rang. Crowds at Third and King street added banging drums, drinking champagne, and spontaneous chants of U-Ribe to the mix.  Others across the city set off fireworks in the streets.

    Within minutes of the win the gates outside AT&T Park filled as if a stadium full of people was filing out. In the early hours of the unplanned victory party, the mob of people in and around the ballpark remained loud, but calm. 

    In the City's Marina District, a separate crowd of fans commandeered a Muni bus on Chestnut Street and jumped on top of it.  The driver quickly unplugged the roof cables, keeping the rowdy fans from a certain shock.

    Hundreds of people had also gathered to watch the game on a big screen outside City Hall.  They also broke out in an impromptu celebration following the victory. 

    The crowds were in the tens of thousands city-wide.  The majority were young and for the most part appeared to be excited, but controlled. In the ten o'clock hour, there was at least one bonfire ablaze on a street a couple blocks outside AT&T Park.

    A planned celebration is on tap for the fans and the team on Wednesday.  The city of San Francisco says it will hold a ticker-tape parade down Market Street that ends with a ceremony outside City Hall.

    Below is a photo from NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd of the party outside the ballpark.

    Cheryl Hurd took this photo of happy fans.

    Raw Video: AT&T Park Post World Series Victory

    [BAY] Raw Video: AT&T Park Post World Series Victory
    Our news helicopter flew over AT&T Park just after the Giants won the 2010 World Series.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 1, 2010)