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Red Sox Coming to SF in 2010



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    David Ortiz and the Red Sox come to AT&T Park in 2010 to face the San Francisco Giants.

    It's too early for Giants fans to say "Wait 'til next year," but it's not too early to peek at next year's schedule.

    Major League Baseball has released it's full 2010 schedule for all 30 teams. And you should be prepared to bring the hate to AT&T Park, because the Giants will face both the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers in two consecutive homestands.

    Those consecutive AT&T Park home series against the Sawx and the Dodgers happen during the final weekend of June 2010. You crack those Gay Pride Weekend jokes at your own risk, buddy.

    The curiosity of playing the Boston Red Sox in San Francisco is one of 2010's intriguing inter-league matchups, The Giants will host the Oakland A's and the Baltimore Orioles in interleague play, while also visiting the Toronto Blue Jays. But it's that three-game home series against Boston that really has the scalpers high-fiving one another today.

    The Giants have drawn the AL East in next year's interleague rotation, but they are not scheduled against the New York Yankees. That means C.C. Sabathia will not be visiting AT&T Park, so Bay Area In-N-Out franchises should adjust their projections accordingly.

    The 2010 fun kicks off in Houston, where the Giants will open their season against the Astros on April 5, 2010. Their home opener brings the Atlanta Braves to AT&T Park on April 9.

    The Giants close their 2010 season with a three-game home series against the San Diego Padres, October 1-3.

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